Hey, I am Harsha, a student starting medical school in the UK this year. I applied as an international student from the US, and the journey of applying to UK medical colleges was exciting but frustrating at times. The hardest part for me was figuring out the right college to apply to. Through UCAS, applicants can apply to only four colleges, and I struggled to figure out the best college for me based on my UCAT score and grades. Most times I would not be able to find any acceptance rates, and emailing each college and figuring out the vital information I needed was a laborious task. From the very start of my application to the end I was apprehensive of my chances because I had no numbers to reassure me.

After committing to the college of my choice, I wanted to help international students so they wouldn't go through the same thing. Applying to a different country with a different application system is difficult, and having essential information makes it much easier to pick the ideal college for you.  Through research, I was finally able to compile data to create Medchhoice, a website that helps decide the right college for you.